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Ear Type
Cob Color
GDUs to Mid-pollination
GDUs to Black Layer
Pollination for Maturity


Ear Type – Semi-Determinate
Cob Color – Red
GDUs to Mid-pollination – 1050
GDUs to Black Layer – 2200
Pollination for Maturity – Medium


Strong performer in the west with good roots and stalk along with Goss’s Wilt protection! Flowers early with good test weight and drydown.


Average rating on anthracnose stalk rot.


Good western hybrid with a solid plant structure (same female as H4102). Nice partner with H3902 and may have even more yield punch. Plant with a slightly above average plant population as this hybrid responds to increased plant density. Feed it well, especially with potassium.


H3922 Agronomic Chart

The higher the number, the better the performance or rating.

Hefty Corn 3922 Plot Results

YearBrandProductTraitRMMoistureDry Bu/AcYield RankPlot NameStateCooperator
2018HeftyH3922VT2P8915.4201.121Wheaton, MN 2018 Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotWheatonMNF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2018HeftyH3922VT2P8918.5197.55Wendell, MN 2018 Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotWendellMNF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2019HeftyH3922VT2P8922.5189.83North Aberdeen, SD Corn PlotAberdeenSDAg PhD
2019HeftyH3922VT2P8921194.31Hancock, MN Corn PlotHancockMNAg PhD
2018HeftyH3922VT2P8917.8208.06Foxhome, MN 2018 Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotFoxhomeMNF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2018HeftyH3922VT2P8916.6195.55Fairmount, ND 2018 Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotFairmountNDF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2019HeftyH3922VT2P8920.32168East Breckenridge, MN Corn PlotBreckenridgeMNAg PhD
2018HeftyH3922VT2P8921.5205.42Breckenridge Corn Plot 1BreckenridgeMNAg PhD
2018HeftyH3922VT2P8918.6219.110Aberdeen Corn Plot 1AberdeenSDAg PhD
2019HeftyH3922VT2P8926.421162019 Hillsboro, ND Kelso West Cty 1HillsboroNDAg PhD
2020HeftyH3922VT2P8913.71463Holabird, SD Corn Plot 1HolabirdSDHefty

Hefty 3922 yielded well and dried down well so I did not get dockage at the elevator.

Gerald, Douglas County, Minnesota

Hefty Corn 3922 yields great and stands nice.

Jeff, North Dakota

Hefty 89 to 93 day corn has always worked for me. The 3922 looks great this year.

Gerald, Douglas County, Minnesota

Hefty Corn 3922 emerges fast in my corn on corn rotations.

Mike, Stearns County, Minnesota

Hefty 3922 is far the best-looking corn in my area, especially with all the rain we’ve had.

Brian, North Dakota

I always have had good luck with Hefty 90 to 96-day corn like 3922 on my farm. Hefty has always helped me place the hybrids on my variable fields.

Brad, Pope County, Minnesota

Hefty 3922 is the best-looking corn on my farm. Very strong stalks and has the biggest root mass.

Ron, Minnesota

Hefty 3922 is the best-looking corn in my whole plot. Stands nice and is very green.

Ivan, Minnesota