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Ear Type
Cob Color
GDUs to Mid-pollination
GDUs to Black Layer
Pollination for Maturity


Ear Type – Semi-Flex
Cob Color – Red
GDUs to Mid-pollination – 1290
GDUs to Black Layer – 2480
Pollination for Maturity – Medium


Eye-catching hybrid with impressive yield potential! National placement with above average disease tolerance package. Big, girthy ears are eye-catching! Great silage potential.


Average tolerance to common rust.


National placement line that fits on all soil types. Loves irrigation and works in dryland situations, as well. Push fertility levels as this hybrid responds well to added nutrition and flexes especially for girth. Foliar fungicide use is advised in areas where common rust and other diseases are normally present. Planting time insecticide is recommended in areas of the country with moderate levels of rootworm or other soil insect pressure.


H5622 Agronomic Chart

The higher the number, the better the performance or rating.

H5622 had great plant structure compared to other hybrids on my farm. It stood well all throughout the season and had great harvestability.

Zach, Northeast Nebraska

Hefty 5622 stands tall and puts on a great ear! Great for silage.

Tom, East Central South Dakota

I was really happy with the way H5622 stood all season long.

Doug, Northeast Nebraska

The emergence of H5622 was excellent when compared to other competitor’s hybrids.

Mike, Northeast Nebraska

H5622 was the best corn with great dry down on my farm this year.

Keith, Southern Minnesota

H5622 was a day faster out of the ground than any other hybrid on my farm.

Aaron, South Dakota