By Brian Hefty

2019 was a disastrous year, but was it made worse because you

  • Couldn’t get your prepay money back from your retailer
  • Didn’t get interest or an extra discount on your money since you weren’t able to use it for purchases
  • Got stuck with a whole bunch of product you can’t use until next year
  • Got charged a fee because you didn’t use all your prepay money for purchases in 2019?

The reasons why you should prepay are enticing.  They often include

  • Lower pricing on crop inputs
  • Locking in supply
  • Potential tax benefits
  • Free your schedule to work on other things

However, the downsides I listed above can be scary.  On top of that, will your retailer still be there in the spring to honor your prepay?  Everyone in ag is talking about the hardships on the farm, but ag retail is also seeing bankruptcies, too.


  • Above everything else, you know we are here for the long-term, and your prepay money is safe. Plus, if you ever want to take product early to immediately use up your prepay, just let us know so we can send you home with product this December or January.
  • If you have unused prepay money, we will return that to you anytime you request it.
  • You will receive price protection on most items between September and June (10 months) of each season. Every year there are a few items that go down in-season.  If you prepaid for those products from us, you not only get the lower price, you get the lower price plus interest back to when you paid.  When you prepay with us, we guarantee you our lowest price of the season.
  • Prices do typically go up on an APR basis at a rate of 12% to 18% between December and summer, so prepaying early does save lots of money. That said, we do hold our prepay prices until just after January 1 each year, if you need the expense in next year’s business.
  • If you prepaid too much this fall, we will refund that money to you if you request it before December 31. If you return the prepay after January 1, we will continue to honor your fall pricing.
  • If you need to switch products, we will do that for you at prepay pricing (based on the month you paid) up to the amount you prepaid. For example, if you return $5000 worth of a product you prepaid, you now have $5000 worth of credit at prepay pricing for other items.  If you want $8000 worth of something else, the first $5000 is at the prepay price, and the remainder is at the current price.  While we can’t take back bulk product that is already on your farm, we can often come up with a plan to somehow help you with that, as well, and all package goods or products you haven’t yet picked up are usually returnable and exchangeable.
  • Every year, the best hybrids and varieties and a few crop protection products sell out. By prepaying early, you are often able to lock in exactly the products you want, which should help your yields and profitability.

At Hefty’s, we are trying to make the prepay process as easy and as profitable for you as possible.  We want your business, whether it is early or in-season, and we want to make sure that by putting your trust in us with prepay, you get the best possible offer we can give.  Many of our customers save thousands of dollars each year by prepaying, along with the tax benefits that often go along with it.  Plus, they get the product they want and price protection on most items.  We encourage you to consider prepaying with us each year!