Hefty Brand Soybeans H13X7

Plant Height
Plant Type
Phytophthora Gene
Soybean Cyst Nematode

Medium Tall
PI 88.788

Plant Height – Medium
Plant Type – Medium
Phytophthora Gene – HRPS 1C
Soybean Cyst Nematode – PI 88.788


Conquers the Minnesota tough ground! Best in class IDC tolerance. Best-in-class SCN protection. Strong along the I-94 corridor.


Too much defense for SD racehorse ground. Watch out in areas with late-season phytophthora problems.


Ideal candidate for multi-variety placement in tough areas of fields. Fits very well in Minnesota high pH and nematode fields. Responds well to in-furrow and foliar fungicides.

Hefty 13X7 is our go-to bean for great ICD and high pH control.

Kyle, Southwest Minnesota

Hefty 13X7 is the only variety out there for us that thrives in high pH ground. It’s been a great soybean the past couple of years!

Doug, West Central Minnesota

We have terrible IDC in our area every year and decided to try Hefty 13X7‘s this year. They have handled stress very well. I treated them with Hefty Complete and I think that has made a positive difference.

Tim, Stevens County, Minnesota

I have high ph soils by me, so Hefty 13X7 works great.

Ron, Southwest Minnesota

We like the placement of the H13X7 on our farm in the high pH areas.

Glen, Southwest Minnesota


H13X7 agronomic and disease charts

The higher the number, the better the performance or rating.

Hefty Soybean 13X7 Plot Results

´╗┐YearBrandProductTraitRMMaturity GroupMoistureDry Bu/AcYield RankPlot NameStateCooperator
2017HeftyH13X7R2X1.3Group 113.1859.837Aberdeen Soybean Plot 4AberdeenSDYESHefty Store