In 2020, seed treatments are being highly recommended for nearly all crops.  With soilborne diseases and insect populations on the rise, the gains from using more broad-spectrum seed treatments have been strong.  We’ve been talking about the difference Hefty Complete Seed Treatment has been making in corn and soybeans for years.  If you’re growing wheat, there’s a good chance you’re treating your own wheat right on the farm.  This spring, you have the opportunity to make your wheat Hefty Complete. 


Wheat stands can be damaged by increasing pressure from insects like wireworm. Use a good seed treatment that provides insect protection.

Fungicide + Insecticide

Start by using the best fungicide and insecticide combination seed treatment you can find.  Look for something with at least 2 or 3 fungicide active ingredients and a neonicotinoid insecticide.  Wireworms are on the rise, so if you want a little better wireworm control, simply up the rate of insecticide by a dollar or two.

Weather Protection

One of the components of Hefty Complete for Wheat is called HeatShield.  This product contains multiple species of fungal endophytes that help plants better tolerate heat, cold, salt, and drought.  The genesis of this product was discovering plants growing around Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.  There were only a few plants that could survive soil temperatures approaching 150 degrees.  Upon further investigation, these plants contained a fungus inside the plant.  Take the fungus out and the plants died.  Put the fungus in other plants and they could handle extreme heat.  This discovery led to a worldwide search for beneficial endophytes that resulted in the development of HeatShield.

Nutrient Uptake

The final component in Hefty Complete for Wheat is Nutri-CycleNutri-Cycle contains over 25 unique biologicals (fungi and bacteria) designed to help your wheat plants take in more nutrients.

Talk to your Hefty Agronomist for more details about Hefty Complete for Wheat.  Leave a check strip to see the difference in yield, emergence, and overall performance.  We’re confident you’ll enjoy a great return on investment this year!