The biological foundation of crop production.

More than 26 proven microbials means more than 26 ways to increase yield, including improved nutrient uptake and faster emergence.

Nutri-Cycle has proven to be a foundational product in the Hefty Naturals product line. This unique combination of microorganisms is created with more than 26 active, beneficial strains of bacteria and fungi. Nutri-Cycle’s combination is specifically designed to increase yield by improving nutrient uptake and promoting faster emergence.

Nutri-Cycle contains both spore-forming and vegetative strains of bacteria and fungi to work as a long-term soil amendment solution. This is possible because the bacteria and fungi begin working in the soil right away to make the most vital nutrients readily available for the plant. Nutri-Cycle releases nutrients that are bound as insoluble salts from the soil, such as phosphorus, potassium, iron, and zinc. In the soil, microbes degrade organic matter into smaller pieces of nitrogen and carbon that plants can absorb and begin using.

Nutri-Cycle’s effects on the soil have a positive impact beyond plant uptake availability. Soil compaction is reduced, water rentention is increased as well as drought stress. The microbes in Nutri-Cycle also decompose residues left behind from oil-based herbicides and pesticides. When these residues are decomposed, root systems can penetrate deeper into the soil. When crop residues are degraded year after year, more organic matter is added to the soil faster. Accelerating the organic matter availability continues to increase yields with repeat treatments.