We place many things on and around young seedlings in order to give them the best chance to thrive. These are all important and provide a cumulative benefit, but a seed treatment lasts only a few weeks. What about an application that gives you literally trillions of workers benefiting your crop throughout the whole season? Biologicals, naturals, can do that for you.

Natural, or biological, products already exist in nature. For crop use, the same components are mass-produced and  when used as a natural application product, take the form of a seed treatment, in-furrow product, or foliar application.

You’ve been using natural products for years, whether your realized it or not. Think about soybean inoculant. These are also plant growth hormones in a few products, including a very popular fungicide and many foliar fertilizers, that simply show up as inert ingredients.

The majority of big companies are investing millions, if not billions in these types of products, as they are easy on the environment, relatively safe to use, inexpensive to regulate and produce, and the direction many in the general population want to see for crop protection products in the future.