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Each Hefty Naturals product is composed of naturally occurring components and is uniquely formulated for high production agriculture. Before product formulation, hundreds of thousands of strains of bacteria and fungi are analyzed, tested, and selected specifically for their precise biological attributes to address real on-farm situations, giving you healthier crops and higher yields.
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Biological products, or naturals, are the future of agriculture!
These products are easy on the environment, safe to use, inexpensive to produce, and naturally accepted by plants. Billions of dollars are invested in biological products each year to bring quality options to market for agricultural use.
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You’ve already seen the benefits of natural products!
Soybean inoculants contain beneficial bacteria to build rhizobia in soils, and many fungicides and foliar fertilizers include plant growth hormones. All these components already exist in nature and are familiar to your crops. Including naturals in your crop application plan means feeding your plants more beneficial and natural resources that it already knows how to use.
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Naturals give you choices!
These products can be applied as seed treatments, in-furrow, or in foliar applications. You can identify the timings and situations where your crops need the most support and choose products from within the Hefty Naturals portfolio to gain maximum benefit – all while building your soil’s fertility for future crops.



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Built for a wide array of crops, Hefty Naturals products within Alpha Complete have delivered ROI across the country.  By combining their strengths into one 40-acre box, we’re simplifying the complexity of the naturals market.

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The biological foundation of crop production.

More than 25 proven microbials mean more than 25 ways to increase yield, including improved nutrient uptake and faster emergence.

Nutri-Cycle has proven to be a foundational product in the Hefty Naturals product line. This unique combination of microorganisms is created with more than 25 active, beneficial strains of bacteria and fungi. Nutri-Cycle’s combination is specifically designed to increase yield by improving nutrient uptake and promoting faster emergence.

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Micro-Cycle is an in-furrow soil amendment designed to provide the best return in high pH soils.

Specifically created to work in conjunction with Nutri-Cycle, the six unique components in Micro-Cycle are a multi-species blend of bacteria in the spore form. Micro-Cycle mineralizes nutrients in the soil and increases the plant availability of sulfur, phosphorus, and silicon.

The phosphorus solubilizers are specific to targeting high pH environments. Potassium, silicon, manganese, and iron solubilizers release large amounts of these elements that are being stored in the soil. And, the sulfur cycle microbial booster turns elemental sulfur into sulfate for plant absorption.

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Foliar and soil application for nitrogen fixation.
N-Hydro contains four bacterial strains to produce more nitrogen for your plants. This product contains nitrogen fixing bacteria that work within the plant tissue to exchange carbon for nitrogen right in the leaves. N-Hydro will also help convert nitrogen into organic compounds within your soils and is great for supplementing nitrogen in high yield soybeans. The compatibility with fungicides, fertilizer, insecticides and virtually all cropping systems makes N-Hydro a great in-season foliar option for feeding nitrogen to your crops!
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Improves crop performance and yield under all types of environmental conditions.

Heat Shield is designed to increase your crop’s tolerance to extreme field situations like salt, drought, cold and heat. The biggest impact will come from Heat Shield when it’s included with a seed treatment or applied in-furrow. This is because Heat Shield is a fungal blend that lives and works inside the plant to increase its ability to withstand difficult growing environments.

There are six strains of Trichoderma harzianum fungi that make up Heat Shield and give it efficacy in a variety of extreme conditions. Heat Shield is a critical component of Hefty Complete Seed Treatments and has shown additional benefits when used with other biological products that promote plant health and increased nutrient efficiency.

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Boost 10™ works in three ways to improve plant health and bridge the gap between inorganic fertilizers and the proteins plants create.
Made of more than 30 organic and amino acids, Boost 10™ promotes photosynthesis, generates more plant energy, and increases the uptake and organic conversion of nutrients within the plant. Boost 10™ applications can also improve the plant’s metabolism allowing it to better adapt to environmental stresses like heat and drought. The influence Boost 10™ has internally on your crop often results in larger leaf size, stronger stands, increased seedling vigor and impressive root development.
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A nitrogen-fixing soybean inoculant.
ROOTastic inoculant boosts your soybean yields by enhancing nitrogen uptake, even where soybeans are often planted. The active ingredient in ROOTastic is a naturally occurring bacterium that grows on plant roots. This forms root nodules and helps plants convert nitrogen from the air into forms the plant can use.
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The next generation of fertilizer catalyst for all liquid fertilizer applications.
NuTex EDA™ is an essential chelated zinc product applied foliar or in-furrow that is designed to enhance both root growth and function of the plant. By increasing the plant’s efficiency of N, P, K, and other micro-nutrient uptake, NuTex EDA™ is best used as a supplement to chosen fertility programs. It can also create better chlorophyll density, perform with low doses and mixes well with all pH fertilizers.
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Amplify crop yields and quality — from the ground up.
Reverb™ is a next-generation micronutrient-based fertilizer catalyst for soil-applied fertilizers and stalk decomposition. When applied with starter fertilizers and in-season nitrogen applications, Reverb enhances the uptake and utilization of applied nutrients. When applied in conjunction with liquid nitrogen, Reverb works synergistically with soil microbes to break down crop residue and debris, providing more soil nutrients for the next crop.
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Residue breakdown during decomposition.
If slow decomposition of plant or animal residue is a problem for you on your farm or ranch, D-Comp could be the answer. D-Comp is specifically designed to speed the breakdown of plant and animal residue. It even makes the composting process faster, usually without having to manually turn the pile. In fact, manure may convert to compost in 4 to 5 weeks instead of 4 to 5 months, and excess field residue may shrink more quickly. D-Comp is able to deliver these results because of its unique combination of 70 different bacteria and fungi.
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Biological solution for liquid manure management.

N-tercept is made of a liquid base with biological components. The liquid base is the energy source keeping the biologicals alive and providing them with the energy they need to work through the pile. This base increases and sustains the biological counts, while most products boost levels before plummeting. This base also has a natural tendency to stabilize ammonia.

The biological parts of N-tercept contain bacteria to liquefy the solids. Unique to N-tercept are bacteria specific to DDGs (dry distilled grains). Additional organic decomposers will break down lignin and cellulous while other biologicals in the formulation protect enzymes.

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Spectrum rapidly consumes organic matter and detoxifies odorous compounds such as ammonia, organic acids and hydrogen sulfide.
Spectrum is used frequently in outdoor ponds and lakes to purify dirty water, prevent algae proliferation and promote the healthy growth of fish and shrimp.
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BIO-PREP is a chlorine neutralizer.
Bio-Prep is a water pre-treatment that reverses the negative effects chlorine has on biological products. Chlorine is added to rural and municipal water sources to kill microbes and make them safe to drink. When you use water sources that have been treated with chlorine to fill your sprayer tank, that chlorine kills any beneficial microbes you might be trying to get into your plants. Bio-Prep turns chlorine into the safer chloride form, which is an essential plant nutrient, and is no longer harmful to beneficial microbes.
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WATER-RITE is a water-correcting agent that neutralizes contaminants, preventing them from chemically damaging your crop protection, fertilizer, and biological products.
Water-Rite is a water pre-treatment designed to reduce the negative effects calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper have on fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides. Using Water-Rite will also maximize the availability and efficacy of glyphosate and other phosphate chemistries. When combined with Bio-Prep, these two products are the ideal solution for keeping beneficial biology safe in tank mixes.