Improves crop performance and yield under all types of environmental conditions.

Soybeans treated with Heat Shield show 40 pods on the left, while untreated soybeans show 21 pods on the right.

40 pods from a Heat Shield treated soybean plant on the left compared to 21 pods from the untreated soybean plant on the right.

Roots of a non-treated corn plant on the left compared to the roots of a corn plant treated with Heat Shield on the right.

Heat Shield is designed to increase your crop’s tolerance to extreme field situations like salt, drought, cold and heat. The biggest impact will come from Heat Shield when it’s included with a seed treatment or applied in-furrow. This is because Heat Shield is a beneficial fungus that lives and works inside the plant to increase its ability to withstand difficult growing environments.

There are six strains of Trichoderma harzianum fungi that make up Heat Shield and give it efficacy in a variety of extreme conditions. Heat Shield is a critical component of Hefty Complete Seed Treatments and has shown additional benefits when used with other biological products that promote plant health and increased nutrient efficiency.

  • Better stress tolerance
  • Increased water & nutrient efficiency
  • Improved nutritional value
  • Higher yields
  • Better seed germination
  • Stronger seedling development

“These Hefty soybeans with their seed treatment package held up to our tough high heat drought stressed environment. They looked better all year then any of our other fields. I will be getting more next year!”

-Jim, Central SD