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Biological solution for liquid manure management.

N-tercept is made of a liquid base with biological components. The liquid base is the energy source keeping the biologicals alive and providing them with the energy they need to work through the pile. This base increases and sustains the biological counts, while most products boost levels before plummeting. This base also has a natural tendency to stabilize ammonia.

The biological parts of N-tercept contain bacteria to liquefy the solids. Unique to N-tercept are bacteria specific to DDGs (dry distilled grains). Additional organic decomposers will break down lignin and cellulous while other biologicals in the formulation protect enzymes.

Benefits to using N-tercept:

  • Reduced emissions and odor.
  • Increased fertilizer value.
  • Better mixing.
  • Even distribution.
  • Easier emptying of tanks and pits.
  • Reduced solids.
  • Less flies.
  • Compatable with all manures.

Application Guidelines:

  • 5 gal. per 800 sows per month
  • 2.5 gal. per 800 finishers per month
  • 10 gal. per 800 cows per month
  • 250 gal. per 5 million gal. lagoon shock treatment

*For best results allow 30 days after treatment before any removal.