Boost 10™ works in three ways to improve plant health and bridge the gap between inorganic fertilizers and the proteins plants create. Made of more than 30 organic and amino acids, Boost 10™ promotes photosynthesis, generates more plant energy, and increases the uptake and organic conversion of nutrients within the plant. Boost 10™ applications can also improve the plant’s metabolism allowing it to better adapt to environmental stresses like heat and drought. The influence Boost 10™ has internally on your crop often results in larger leaf size, stronger stands, increased seedling vigor and impressive root development.

Application Guidelines:

  • As a seed treatment – it is stable alongside seed-applied technologies.
    • Seed treatment application rates vary by crop.
  • Application Rate – 10 fl. oz./acre
    • With fertilizer or other in-furrow applications
    • As a foliar spray