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If you look at Hefty Complete Soybean and its 38 components or Hefty Complete Wheat with a similar package, you will get activity SEASON-LONG simply by treating the seed.

Our seed treatments are priced similarly to other companies, even though you only get 3 to 5 treatments from others. Our packages include multiple fungicides, insecticide, and naturals, or as many people call them, biologicals. We have been able to pop seed out of the ground up to 20% faster with our seed treatments, and that’s huge considering all the adversity your seed will likely face again this spring.

If you aren’t a believer in seed treatment, we challenge you to take 3 to 5 varieties both treated and untreated. Compare them side by side. Look at the early stand and do stand counts. Pull tissue samples in the treated and untreated. Do root digs, as well. In the end, WEIGH the yields for accuracy. We’ve done all those things countless times, which is why we can tell you with 100% confidence that on average, our seed treatments pay!

We can help you get faster, more even emergence and better yields with our treatments for soybeans, wheat, sugarbeets, dry beans, sunflowers, peas, lentils, sorghum, or any other crop! Plus, you’ll find 35 treatments FREE in every bag of Hefty Brand Corn.


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How does Hefty Complete compare to your seed treatment or an untreated acre?

Here’s how we test it from a research perspective, and you can, too.

  • Compare 3 to 5 varieties with Hefty Complete and your seed treatment (or untreated)
  • Check right at emergence to see which comes out of the ground first
  • Do stand counts once all the plants have emerged
  • Pull tissue samples in the Hefty Complete and in the competitive treatment (or untreated) for the first few weeks of the growing season
  • Do several root digs during the season
  • WEIGH the yields for accuracy
  • Take pictures all along the way, and please send them to us at heftyseed@heftyseed.com or share on social media using #HeftyYields

If you follow these steps we are 100% confident you will see the advantages to Hefty Complete.  Seed is your most important input investment, and there is no better way to protect that seed and boost its yield than Hefty Complete.