The building blocks of Hefty Complete Seed Treatment in one simple application.

NUTRI-SHIELD combines two foundational products found in Hefty Complete; Nutri-Cycle and Heat Shield. Previously, growers could only access this technology with Hefty Complete or in-furrow systems. Today NUTRI-SHIELD is the newest addition to the portfolio, accessing pure talc as the carrier mechanism to add Nutri-Cycle and Heat Shield right to the planter box. Hefty Naturals products are built for application to a wide array of crops. Growers can simply apply NUTRI-SHIELD right to the seed as it’s being loaded into the planter box, utilizing the simplest way to apply biology right to the seed!


  • Simple application right into planter box
  • Faster emergence with Nutri-Shield vs. untreated
  • Breaks minerals down into usable nutrients for faster plant uptake
  • Microbes natural to soil environment
  • Adds heat and drought stress tools to plants
  • Plant manages higher temperate environment

See product label for additional application information.