The next generation of fertilizer catalyst for all liquid fertilizer applications.

NuTex EDA™ is an essential chelated zinc product applied foliar or in-furrow that is designed to enhance both root growth and function of the plant. By increasing the plant’s efficiency of N, P, K, and other micro-nutrient uptake, NuTex EDA™ is best used as a supplement to chosen fertility programs. It can also create better chlorphyll density, perform with low doses and mixes well with all pH fertilizers.

Benefits to using NuTex EDA™:

  • Better root growth and function.
  • Higher ratio of reproductive vs. vegetative growth.
  • Increased N, P, K and micro-nutrient uptake efficiency.
  • Better chlorophyll density.
  • Excellent tank mix.

Application Guidelines:

  • In-Furrow or Foliar Applications at 6-12 oz. per acre.

See product label for additional application information.