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All these ingredients come together to give you the best, most affordable opportunity possible at raising healthy, high-yielding soybean plants even in the toughest years.  Plus, you get up to 2 free resprays for certain insects and free Hefty Complete for replants.  Check with your Hefty Agronomist for details.

Hefty Complete Soybean Seed Treatment is our proprietary blend of fungicides, insecticide, and Hefty Naturals (biologicals) containing 38 active ingredients proven to increase your net income. We’ve spent years testing and experimenting with almost every possible active ingredient and polymer that can be applied to seed. It’s led us to the formula we have found to be the best in agriculture for both efficacy and seed flowability.

Using Hefty Complete Soybean Seed Treatment means you can anticipate doubling or tripling your seed treatment investment. The multitude of components in Hefty Complete Soybean Seed Treatment gives you several opportunities to win big with your seed investment no matter what growing conditions you face

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visual representation of the program for free hefty compete soybean resprays

First planting on the same acre must have been a Hefty Brand Soybean variety treated with Hefty Complete.
Replant seed must be a Hefty Brand Soybean variety.
Respray product will be a pyrethroid of our choice. Add $2/acre for chlorpyrifos or bifenthrin.

If Hefty Complete Soybean is applied by a Hefty Store, receive free insecticide if the economic threshold is reached for the following insects:

Soybean aphid: R2 = 10 aphids/plant, R3 = 20, R4 = 40, R5 = 100, R6 = no respray offered
Bean leaf beetles: 1/plant up to 30 days prior to harvest
Grasshoppers: 1/square foot up to 30 days prior to harvest
Cutworms: 1/20 plants up to 30 days prior to harvest
Spider mites: no respray offered


SEED QUALITY – Our sorting process individually scans each soybean seed and uses tiny shots of air to kick out any beans that are off-color or misshapen.

SEED PURITY – The electronic eyes are sensitive enough to pick dark hilum seeds out of a clear hilum seed lot.

SEED GERMINATION – The sorter is excellent at removing splits (including seed that has a comprised seed coat and is about to split) and green beans that have made it past the primary seed cleaning equipment.

SEED CONSISTENCY – The newest software and equipment available can sort seed not only by color and shape but also by size. This allows the machines to better pick out splits, shriveled seed, and volunteer corn.

SEED PLANTABILITY – Plantability issues are common across the seed industry in part because of the wide variance in seed size. Since our process also sorts seed by size, our seed is more uniform, improving plantability and yield.

Beans removed via Hefty Bean Cleaning Process


Our seed cleaning and sorting process removes cracked, discolored, and misshapen beans to improve germination and yield at harvest.


Our cleaning and sorting process scans every individual seed and only the best make it through to get planted in your fields.

roundup ready 2 xtend soybeans

Consider the latest in soybean traits with XtendFlex®!

We are pleased that the new XtendFlex trait has received full approval for planting in 2021 and export around the world. This not only gives you a fantastic option for weed control in soybeans, you get some great genetics to choose from too. This first year of trait introduction, there are choices of genetics from a 0.7 maturity all the way up to late Group 4’s. For 2022, there will be earlier and later options as well as much more depth in between. We encourage you to continue to pick soybeans not only for yield but for the key defensive traits you need on your farm.

roundup ready 2 xtend soybeans

View Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Soybean varieties for your farm!

Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Soybeans are built on the high yielding Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybean technology. This technology offers the yield and quality potential that farms already know and expect from their Roundup Ready 2 Yield® Soybeans.

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Browse Enlist E3® soybeans for your acres!

Enlist E3® soybeans are tolerant to 2, 4-D; glyphosate; and Liberty®. Meaning, you will have two great post-emerge options for your Roundup-resistant weeds: Liberty® and Enlist One™. Plus, Enlist™ herbicides have almost no volatility.

The seed supply is fantastic! After anticipating bringing Enlist™ forward five years ago, we’ve had five extra years to work on getting this trait into the best genetics.

Click to view additional Enlist E3™ Varieties
genuity round up ready 2 yield
genuity round up ready 2 yield

Checkout these Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybean options!

Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans are resistant to glyphosate products. In other words, you can spray Roundup® herbicides in-crop on these varieties while maintaining quality genetics for strong yields.

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