March 2024

Spraying Essentials

2024-04-09T15:51:50-05:00March 27th, 2024|2024, Agronomy Answers Yield, Apr/May 2024|

It’s spraying season again! The question today is, “What’s on your spray trailer or in your sprayer loading area?” Water and the products you are applying to the crop are givens, but what other things do you like/need to have close by? I’ll share some things that [...]

Dicamba Banned?

2024-04-09T16:17:01-05:00March 25th, 2024|2024, Agronomy Answers Yield, Apr/May 2024|

If you like consistency, stability, and predictability, you have HATED the last 4 years working with dicamba-tolerant crops... Once again, it looks like we’re going to lose dicamba as an over-the-top option for Xtend and XtendFlex soybeans and cotton. Here’s what we know and what we don’t know [...]

Bringing It Home

2024-04-09T15:53:56-05:00March 25th, 2024|2024, Agronomy Answers Yield, Apr/May 2024|

When small town kids graduate high school, the unfortunate truth is that historically many of them move away from home, never to return to establish their lives in their hometown. For John Wesolowski, 39, of Warren, Minnesota, this is far from the case. He operates a farm [...]

February 2024

Finding a Way to the Farm

2024-02-19T11:55:08-06:00February 5th, 2024|2024, Agronomy Answers Yield, Feb/Mar 2024|

Wade Egger didn’t grow up on the farm, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a farmer. Although today the 52-year-old is part of the Hillside Acres farming partnership near Colton, South Dakota, Wade didn’t get his first taste of farm life until he entered the workforce [...]

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