Premium seed and high yields start with superior production practices.


We farm, too, and we know it’s difficult to make it on the farm. We’re always trying to figure out ways to help you improve your yields and earn more money so you can not just survive, but thrive. We’re also doing what we can to help tell the story of the American Farmer. The U.S. has the safest, cheapest, and most abundant food supply in the world. That’s thanks to you! Thank you for your business in the past, and thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve you!

-Brian Hefty, CEO

Hefty Seed History

Ron Hefty came to South Dakota in 1969 after farming near Renwick, Iowa with his family.  Ron and his wife Kathryn bought her parent’s farm near Baltic, SD.  The problem was Ron had 3 favorite herbicides on his farm in Iowa, yet he couldn’t find 2 of those herbicides in South Dakota, and the other one was terribly overpriced.  Ron used this obstacle as an opportunity, sourcing products from Iowa for himself and his neighbors.  That was the start of Hefty Farm Supply in 1969.  Ron changed the name to Hefty Seed Company in 1984.

In the early 1990s, sons Brian (1991) and Darren (1993) entered the operation full-time.  About the same time, Hefty Seed Company began to add branch locations.  Things have grown significantly since then, as Hefty Seed Company has more than 50 stores and continues to open more locations every year.  The company is now the 7th largest crop protection retailer in the U.S. and number 11 in seed.  Hefty Brand Seed (Corn & Soybeans) is one of the fastest-growing seed brands in the country, and Hefty Seed Company is known as an industry leader for agronomic recommendations and in training agronomists.

Hefty Seed Company Core Values

  1. To help farmers do more themselves in their operations to increase profits.
  2. The Hefty agronomy staff’s number one job is NOT to sell product.  It is to help farmers earn more money in their operations.
  3. While higher yields and greater profits are definitely important, the goal at Hefty Seed Company is to help farmers improve their land and the environment through better agronomic practices.