Did you calibrate your planter this spring or adjust for any other issues you found in the field last fall to enhance your yields this year? By following the steps below, you can estimate your yield difference row to row and diagnose issues in any rows with large yield swings.

In about one hour, you’ll have a sample size of what the rest of your field might be like. Maybe there are compaction issues in parts of your field, the planter settings weren’t quite right, or better seedbed preparation is needed. Those are simple changes you can make in the pursuit of higher, more consistent yields in your field!

  • Label buckets or containers for your test ears for the number of rows your planter has. For example, if you have a 24-row planter, label 24 buckets 1 through 24.

  • Find a planter pass so you know you’re starting at row 1.

  • Measure 1/1000th of an acre so you know how far down each row to pull ears. For easy math, use the Ag PhD Planting Population app! Downloadable for your device in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • Pick and remove the husks from the ears in your sample section. Place them in the appropriate buckets.

  • Weigh each bucket of corn for a total weight by row in pounds.

  • Convert the weight of corn in pounds to bushels for each row, and factor in your moisture percentage. Reference this website for a conversion chart using the “Method of Hand Harvested Ear Corn” section based on your row width and length of 1/1000th of an acre.

We’ve been flag testing and yield variability testing with Randy Dowdy and the DCI Next Level group to learn more about what equipment alterations we can make when we plant this spring. Interested in learning more? Ask your Hefty Agronomist about a DCI camp near you!

Now through November 30th share a photo (or video) of you completing one of the steps above, and provide your yield calculation by row to heftyseed@heftyseed.com along with your name, the address of your farm operation, and the hybrid you’re measuring.

The person who has the least amount of yield variability by row will win a Hefty Seed Company swag bag! And as our way of saying thank you, all participants will receive a gift!