Hefty Brand Corn 3022 80-day Hybrid Header
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GDUs to Mid-pollination: 1020
GDUs to Black Layer: 2000
Pollination for Maturity: Early
Ear Type: Semi-Flex
Cob Color: Red

GDUs to Mid-pollination – 920
GDUs to Black Layer – 1780
Pollination for Maturity – Early
Ear Type – Semi-Determinate
Cob Color – Red

Key Strengths
· “The Grinder” takes on tough soils, tough conditions, and even tough diseases and out-yields the rest. Strong Goss’s Wilt and northern corn leaf blight tolerance. Versatile hybrid that fits across all acres.
· Average test weight.
· This is a “place anywhere” kind of hybrid that does respond well to increased management including precision fertility, fungicide applications, increased planting populations, and even narrow row spacings. Works well even in continuous corn situations with in-furrow insecticide.

Agronomic & Disease Ratings
H3322 Agronomic Chart

The higher the number, the better the performance or rating.

Hefty Corn 3322 Plot Results

YearBrandProductTraitRMMoistureDry Bu/AcYield RankPlot NameStateCooperator
2021HeftyH3322VT2P8316.71201Brooks, MN Corn Plot 2021Brooks MNHefty
2021HeftyH3322VT2P8320.6162.35Thief River Falls, MN Corn 2021Thief River FallsMNHefty
2021HeftyH3322VT2P8313.8185.314Buffalo, ND Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotBuffaloNDF.I.R.S.T.
2021HeftyH3322VT2P8318.817921East Grand Forks, MN Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotEast Grand ForksMNF.I.R.S.T.
2021HeftyH3322VT2P8316.9186.68Hope, ND Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotHopeNDF.I.R.S.T.
2021HeftyH3322VT2P8316.5186.415Georgetown, MN Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotGeorgetownMNF.I.R.S.T.
2020HeftyH3322VT2P8313.1152.419Georgetown, MN Early-Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotGeorgetownMNF.I.R.S.T.
2020HeftyH3322VT2P83151.6157Blanchard, ND Early-Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotBlanchardNDF.I.R.S.T.
2020HeftyH3322VT2P83155.518.45East Grand Forks, MN Early-Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotEast Grand ForksMNF.I.R.S.T.
2020HeftyH3322VT2P83154.818.62Grand Forks, ND Early-Season F.I.R.S.T Corn PlotGrand ForksNDF.I.R.S.T.
2019HeftyH3322VT2P8323.522512019 Hillsboro, ND Kelso West Cty 1HillsboroNDAg PhD
2019HeftyH3322VT2P8318.8170.68Hancock, MN Corn PlotHancockMNAg PhD
2019HeftyH3322VT2P8321.4186.15North Aberdeen, SD Corn PlotAberdeenSDAg PhD
2019HeftyH3322VT2P8328.3143.41Watertown, SD Corn PlotWatertownSDAg PhD
2018HeftyH3322VT2P8318.3151.64Leeds Corn Plot 1LeedsNDAg PhD
2019HeftyH3432VT2P8419179.45Hancock, MN Corn PlotHancockMNAg PhD
2019HeftyH3432VT2P8421.4156.713North Aberdeen, SD Corn PlotAberdeenSDAg PhD
2019HeftyH3432VT2P8431.2129.23Watertown, SD Corn PlotWatertownSDAg PhD

I’ve had excellent yields with my Hefty corn and the H3322 looks like its gonna be fantastic this year.

CG, North Dakota

I have been trying a couple of bags for the last couple of years. I will definitely do more in the years to come. Hefty 3322 pops out of the ground much better than the competition.

Mark, Southeast South Dakota

I had really good luck with my Hefty 3322 Corn.

Darin, North Dakota