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GDUs to Mid-pollination: 1060
GDUs to Black Layer: 2180
Pollination for Maturity: Medium
Ear Type: Semi-Flex
Cob Color: Red

GDUs to Mid-pollination – 1060
GDUs to Black Layer – 2180
Pollination for Maturity – Medium
Ear Type – Semi-Flex
Cob Color – Red

Great top-end yield potential! Jumps out of the ground and exhibits very good plant health and staygreen throughout the season. Strong stalks holds up a very girthy ear!

Average rating on Goss’s. Not for continuous corn.

Really strong top-end yields for this maturity! Fertilize for a higher yield goal and intensively manage this hybrid as it responds very well. Did see some response to high rates of ALS chemistries, especially pre-emerge. Avoid ALS chemistries, but don’t skip the pre as yield is determined early with this hybrid as it flexes for girth often to 20 kernels around!


H3712 Agronomic Chart

The higher the number, the better the performance or rating.

Hefty Corn 3712 Plot Results

YearBrandProductTraitRMMoistureDry Bu/AcYield RankPlot NameStateCooperator
2018HeftyH3712VT2P8716.4193.123Foxhome, MN 2018 Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotFoxhomeMNF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2018HeftyH3712VT2P8714.3161.011Barnesville, MN 2018 Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotBarnesvilleMNF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2018HeftyH3712VT2P8714.6206.217Wheaton, MN 2018 Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotWheatonMNF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2018HeftyH3712VT2P8714.6186.820Fairmount, ND 2018 Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotFairmountNDF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2018HeftyH3712VT2P8717.3183.130Wendell, MN 2018 Early Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotWendellMNF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2017HeftyH3712VT2P8716.92192.711Baltic Corn Plot 5BalticSDHefty Store
2017HeftyH3712VT2P8718.76201.47Breckenridge Corn Plot 2BreckenridgeMNHefty Store
2019HeftyH3712VT2P8719.3177.27Hancock, MN Corn PlotHancockMNAg PhD
2019HeftyH3712VT2P8720205.99East Breckenridge, MN Corn PlotBreckenridgeMNAg PhD
2019HeftyH3712VT2P8721.8181.17North Aberdeen, SD Corn PlotAberdeenSDAg PhD
2019HeftyH3712VT2P8723.2203112019 Hillsboro, ND Kelso West Cty 1HillsboroNDAg PhD
2020HeftyH3712VT2P8719.572.3112020 Maddock, ND Corn Plot 1 MaddockNDHefty
2020HeftyH3712VT2P8716.290.362020 Minnewakun, ND Corn Plot 1MinnewakunNDHefty
2020HeftyH3712VT2P8717.5150.3762020 Plummer, MN Corn Plot 1PlummerMNHefty
2020HeftyH3712VT2P8712.8161.95Georgetown, MN Early-Season F.I.R.S.T.Corn PlotGeorgetownMNF.I.R.S.T.
2020HeftyH3712VT2P8715.7160.519Felton, MN Early-Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotFeltonMNF.I.R.S.T.
2020HeftyH3712VT2P8716.6145.714Blanchard, ND Early-Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotBlanchardNDF.I.R.S.T.
2020HeftyH3712VT2P8717.7150.114East Grand Forks, MN Early-Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotEast Grand ForksMNF.I.R.S.T.
2020HeftyH3712VT2P8717.4141.315Grand Forks, ND Early-Season F.I.R.S.T Corn PlotGrand ForksNDF.I.R.S.T.
2020HeftyH3712VT2P8713.5183.97Fairmount, MN Early-Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotFairmountNDF.I.R.S.T.
2020HeftyH3712VT2P8715.4179.54Wendell, MN Early-Season F.I.R.S.T. Corn PlotWendellMNF.I.R.S.T.

Hefty 3712 had awesome standability!

Keith, Edmunds County, South Dakota

Hefty 3712 came out of the ground really quick!

Ron, Southern Minnesota

My Hefty 3712 did very well for me the last few years so I decided to plant most of farm to Hefty Corn this year.

Merle, Western Central South Dakota

Hefty Corn 3712 had consistent emergence and cold tolerance, plus it yields!

Dan, Northeast South Dakota