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GDUs to Mid-pollination: 1240
GDUs to Black Layer: 2420
Pollination for Maturity: Medium
Ear Type: Semi-Flex
Cob Color: Red

GDUs to Mid-Pollination: 1240
GDUs to Black Layer: 2420
Pollination for Maturity: Medium
Ear Type: Semi-Flex
Cob Color: Red

Rugged hybrid with very good drought tolerance! Strong yields and good agronomics make this a must-add to your crop plan. Handles variable soils very well and has very good ear flex, especially for girth. Nice intactness and staygreen in the fall.

Use foliar fungicides to help protect against gray leaf spot and tar spot.

This is a great choice on nearly any soil type, but it excels against other hybrids on the tougher or more variable ground. Its girthy ear can be accentuated with planting-time fertility. Due to ear flex, you can plant this at lower populations and still be successful. We’ve seen a really nice response to foliar fungicides with this hybrid, and it responds to naturals like Heat Shield and Alpha Compete, as well.


H4964 Agronomic Chart

The higher the number, the better the performance or rating.

We have had a really good run with Hefty Corn hybrids on our farm over the last several years. In fact, they have been our top-yielding hybrids for a number of years now.

Nathan, Watertown, South Dakota

I first tried Hefty because of the price point. Then I put four hybrids in my competition plot with four other brands of corn. Hefty took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in my plot. That’s when I knew I was planting the real deal!

Ben, Moses Lake, Washington

I know that when I give my business to Hefty Seed Company, I can count on great yields from their products and outstanding service from their knowledgeable agronomists.

Paul, Southeast South Dakota

I put my Hefty corn up to my favorite Pioneer and Dekalb, and wow does it perform! I’ll keep planting Hefty!

Luke, Iowa

Out of everything I planted, Hefty has always been the first corn out of the ground over the last three years.

Devon, Southeast Nebraska

The emergence and yields I have gotten from my Hefty Brand Seed have been outstanding!

Mark, Southeast South Dakota

I plant corn for Habitat for Hunting. My ground is really tough due to flooding it each year. I switched to Hefty Corn because of how well it handles tough, dry soil.

Mike, Othellow, Washington