You can plant 40 Series Corn in soil temps as low as 40 degrees as long as the soil is dry and you’re past your crop insurance planting date.

You will boost yields by planting earlier, not to mention the added time you’ll have to do other jobs each spring. Planting all your crop during the ideal window for top yields is often only possible if you get an early start. Starting a few days earlier than you otherwise would allows you to finish sooner and then get on to things like spraying, scouting, and more.


While we offer free replants on 40 Series Corn, we had ZERO cold-soil replant issues in 2023, proving how effective this corn is at overcoming frigid temps.


No imbibitional chilling risk.

We have a certified seed lab at our main office in Baltic. We challenged our lab people to prove to us whether or not 40 Series Corn could overcome the imbibitional chilling other seed companies talk about each spring. 40 Series Corn had no issues and no negative consequences from cold water after germination, nor did remaining in approximately 40 degree temps hurt 40 Series Corn after it was subjected to cold water.


Competitive pricing.

No other seed company has 40 Series Corn, yet you’ll find our 40 Series Corn price is competitive with anyone else’s best hybrids. How much is it worth to you to be able to plant early? How much is it worth to be able to sleep peacefully at night knowing 40 Series won’t be harmed by imbibitional chilling while other brands could be? How much is it worth to be able to see your corn pop out of the ground with a more vigorous stand?

Our commitment to you is to provide the best seed possible, and if you plant 40 Series Corn in 40-degree soil temps versus any other brand, we’re 100% confident you’ll see the stark contrast within just a few weeks in the spring.


Seed treatment, great cold germination scores, and genetic selection are the three big keys.

We pick hybrids based on early vigor, as well as cold and other stress tolerances in addition to yield potential. We also test all our seed for the cold germination percentage rather than just the industry-required warm germination that is run at 77 degrees. This gives us a much better indication of which seed will be highly successful for you when planting early into colder soils.

Then, we treat all our corn with Hefty Complete seed treatment.

Our treatment is unique in the industry and contains insecticide and multiple fungicides in combination with Naturals products. Our Naturals products have been shown in 10 years of testing to help seed emerge up to 20 percent faster with more vigor and better stress tolerance. Plant 40 Series Corn next to any competitor. We come out of the ground significantly faster, especially in colder conditions.

You’ll LOVE the difference!


You can plant 40 Series Corn from Hefty Brand Seed with full confidence.

We offer a Free Replant policy on all 40 Series Corn. Visit with a Hefty agronomist for all the details and qualifications. Due to the high demand, we will likely sell out of 40 Series Corn this fall, as not all our seed makes these rigid standards.

If you want to plant early and achieve higher yields with less risk, we encourage you to order your 40 Series Corn by September 20.