EXTRACATE works with your liquid starter fertilizer applications, or by itself, to help unlock soil nutrients that will benefit your crops.

It works especially well in making Calcium more available to plant roots by solubilizing soil calcium (CaCO3) and other nutrients tied up in the soil. ExtraCate is formulated with a naturally derived organic acids complex that provides a one-two punch to soil nutrition. ExtraCate supports the solubility, availability and uptake of a broad range of nutrients across all types of soil. Formulated with a safe to use acidic pH solution, ExtraCate may help with tank mix compatibilities in some situations.


  • Can be added to liquid fertilizers or applied by itself
  • Solubilizes soil nutrients for increased availability to plants
  • Solubilized calcium replaces hydrogen ions on soil exchange sites, reducing soil acidity
  • Can be used in all soil pH’s and types
  • Supports yield and crop quality potential

See product label for additional application information.