There are some exciting new genetics and many of them are coming with the most popular aboveground seed corn trait package, VT Double PRO®. It allows you to spray Roundup for weed control, which is especially important for killing grasses. You also get protection from many aboveground insects like European corn borer. While it won’t stop every aboveground pest, the corn borer protection in VT Double PRO® is valuable as evidenced in this year’s yield and performance.

“2019 has been a GREAT year to test new hybrids”, said Darren Hefty of Hefty Seed Company. “While we never hope to see such stressful and challenging conditions, it does provide an opportunity to see how hybrids stack up in the best circumstances and the worst”.

Hefty Brand Corn will have more than 20 new hybrids coming out for 2020! Not all of them are VT Double PRO®, but Hefty Seed Company is definitely bulking up their offerings of this high demand trait. Some key VT Double PRO® lines include:

H2922 – 75-80 day. This plant is a strong yielder with quick drydown.  It has proven yields from Minnesota all the way into Montana. H2922 has awesome lower end stability that won’t let you down in variable soil conditions.

H3432 – 80-85 day. As a shorter plant, it’s a fast emerger with big yield potential with nice flex and girthy ears. It also has excellent drydown. It works well in a wide variety of stressful environments. This hybrid has a great fit in the Red River Valley and beyond.

H3632 – 85-90 day. This hybrid has fast emergence, excellent staygreen, and intactness, as some of the heaviest test weights ever seen at this maturity.

H3922 – 85-90 day. For a great western hybrid that provides strong roots and stalks consider H3922. It also responds to increased plant density and has strong Goss’s Wilt protection.

H4732 – 95-100 day. This is a monster plant with equally large yield potential! It’s a very high demand silage product that delivers top yields with incredible test weight.

H4922 – 95-100 day. H4922 is great for top-end yield on your ground. It works well on heavy soils and can be pushed for yields.

H4933 – 95-100 day. It’s a total stud yielder that closes rows quickly. Emergence and early vigor are off the charts! Plus, it contains the popular DroughtGard® trait.

H5132 – 100-105 day. This number flexes for incredible girth, has enhanced protection from anthracnose stalk rot and handles wetter ground very well. This is a hybrid to shoot for 10 bushels of yield per 1000 plants.

H5832 – 105-110 day. H5832 is a great top-end yielder! Its shorter-statured plant type makes it a strong and sturdy plant. You can push the population anywhere from medium to medium-high and it responds well to fertility and early planting.

H6332 – 110 day. This hybrid flowers early stands great, and flat out yields. It has strong roots and stalks with good late-season plant health and intactness.

H6532 – 115 day. This is the VT Double PRO version of H6524, which is one of the very best yielding hybrids in the industry. This hybrid has the advantage of enhanced anthracnose stalk rot tolerance.

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