What’s holding you back from your best soybean yields ever?

Is it nematodes, disease, or salt/poor drainage? If it’s any of those, you’re going to love the new class of Hefty Brand Soybeans and Zinesto Soybeans for 2023! If you don’t have those issues and are just looking for runaway racehorse yields, we’ve got that too.

Defensive Gems

1. Nematode protection. Soybean Cyst Nematode is one of the worst – if not THE worst – yield robbers in soybeans. Watch for the Peking resistance trait in several new Hefty Brand and Zinesto soybean lines. This trait is a different source of nematode resistance compared to almost all other soybeans in the industry. You’ll love the improved performance! Notable Peking varieties include H05XF3, Z0903E, H18E3, and H20E3.

2. Salt & poor drainage. Drainage tile could make you so much money and clean up these issues long-term. In the meantime:

A. Choose beans with the Excluder trait for these fields. While the Excluder trait is non-GMO, all the beans in our lineups we will have for this year with the Excluder do contain GMO traits. Excluders block out chlorides in the salty rims around IDC pockets. Excluders also help on irrigated ground where water quality is subpar. The Hefty and Zinesto lineups are now filled with numerous Excluder soybeans to help you on the tough acres. Superior new Excluders include H34XF3, H42XF3S and H49XF3S.

B. Choose beans with stacked resistance traits for phytophthora root rot. If phytophthora is your problem rather than chlorides or high pH, look for 1C/3A stacks or other combinations of resistance. In our lineup, Z0303E, Z0503E, and Z2303E provide added strength against phytophthora.

C. Choose the best IDC-tolerant beans. If iron deficiency chlorosis is your challenge (yellow leaves with green veins), industry-wide your choices are fairly limited, but there are some beans that stand out in IDC areas above all others. New IDC standouts include Z0503E and H18E3.

Flat-Out Yielders!

1. XtendFlex. With 17 new XtendFlex varieties, there is a ton of power here and lots of yield! Watch for exceptionally high yield potential with H009XF3, H01XF3, H06XF3, H10XF3, H22XF3, H28XF3, & H49XF3! You’ll also see a noticeable improvement in standability and overall agronomics.

2. Enlist. The new class of both Hefty Brand and Zinesto Brand Enlist beans features tremendous-yielding beans, as well as varieties with improved white mold tolerance. Top-end yield lines include Z0303E, H04E3, Z1603E, Z2503E, Z3203E, and Z3803E.