June 2023

Building a Modern Farming Team

2023-08-31T09:44:04-05:00June 10th, 2023|Agronomy Answers Yield, June/July 2023|

PEOPLE AND PARTNERSHIPS. For Mike Yost, 71, of Yost Farm near Murdock, Minnesota, these are the two absolutely essential elements for continued success in his family’s operation. However, as anyone who has managed a business knows, it’s not about finding just any person, but [...]

April 2023

Farming on the Ridge

2023-06-08T11:59:57-05:00April 5th, 2023|Agronomy Answers Yield, Apr/May 2023|

While growing up working the family farm near Parker, South Dakota, Desmond Miller learned early on that success in farming requires both passion and persistence. “I come from a long line of passionate farmers,” he said. “My dad, Claude, was immersed in conventional agriculture, but [...]

February 2023

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