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Ear Type
Cob Color
GDUs to Mid-pollination
GDUs to Black Layer
Pollination for Maturity


Ear Type – Semi-Determinate
Cob Color – Red
GDUs to Mid-pollination – 1270
GDUs to Black Layer – 2500
Pollination for Maturity – Medium


Big yields and excellent plant structure! If you designed a corn plant, it would have strong roots and a healthy stalk that didn’t have to be 10 feet tall to produce a big ear. This is that plant.


Doesn’t like wet feet.


This is a stable hybrid that has excellent yield potential if you manage it well. You can push the population anywhere from medium to medium high for your area. It responds well to fertility and early planting. Foliar fungicide use is encouraged for help with diseases such as gray leaf spot but also to promote plant health and higher yields.


H5832 Agronomic Chart

The higher the number, the better the performance or rating.

I haven’t been disappointed with the Hefty Seed yet. I’m hoping to see nice results again going forward.

Gerald, Northwest Iowa

The plant health of H5832 looks outstanding. It came up even and uniform.

James, Clay County, South Dakota

This was my first year of planting any Hefty Seed and I was very pleased with how well it performed. I will definitely be trying more in the future.

Roy, Southeast Nebraska

Out of everything I planted, Hefty has always been the first corn out of the ground over the last three years.

Devon, Southeast Nebraska