Hefty Brand Corn 6263 112-day Hybrid Header

GDUs to Mid-pollination: 1330
GDUs to Black Layer: 2670
Pollination for Maturity: Late
Ear Type: Semi-Flex
Cob Color: Red

GDUs to Mid-pollination – 1330
GDUs to Black Layer – 2670
Pollination for Maturity – Late
Ear Type – Semi-Flex
Cob Color – Red

Key Strengths
· Top-end yield hog! Handles the heat well. Works best on good to great soils. Tons of ear flex for girth, kernel depth, and test weight. Big silage producer, as well.
·  Eastern DroughtGard product that does need some moisture to win.
· Use this hybrid on your good ground and push it for big-time yields. Responds very well to banded fertilizer and beneficial microbes to help improve nutrient uptake. Prefers to be under irrigation or receive regular rains. It will flower a little early for its maturity, which is great for spreading risk among your hybrids and potentially lowering drying costs in the fall, too.

Agronomic & Disease Ratings
H3922 Agronomic Chart

The higher the number, the better the performance or rating.

H4933 has been visually impressive since day 1 with plant health and integrity.

Shane, Southeast South Dakota

H4933 was one of the first hybrids that emerged on my farm.

Steve, Southwest Minnesota

Hefty 4933 does very well for me and is always at the top in the county plot too.

Scott, Swift County, Minnesota

Hefty 4933 handles my variable soils well. It has extra top end on the heavy soils and shows off the DroughtGard® on sandy ground.

Jon, Swift County, Minnesota

Hefty 4933 corn looks like a fit in the 97 to 99-day offerings that yield with the best 100’s.

Jon, Stevens County, Minnesota

Hefty 4933 is good on my high fertility ground.. The emergence looks excellent and responds well where manure was applied.

John, Swift County, Minnesota

Hefty 4933 has the top end yield for my high fertility manured ground and my marginal soils it has the drought tolerance and defense.

Justin, Big Stone County, Minnesota