Hefty Brand Soybeans H11X8
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Plant Height
Plant Type
Phytophthora Gene
Soybean Cyst Nematode

PI 88.788

Plant Height – Medium
Plant Type – Medium
Phytophthora Gene – HRPS 3A
Soybean Cyst Nematode – PI 88.788


Key product with broad national appeal! Outstanding yielder with a great defensive package. Excellent standability.


3A gene only in half the line, but field tolerance is good.


Fits well across a broad array of soils and management practices. Some will choose this for one of the many defensive traits it has, but the yield is worthy of placement on your most fertile ground.

Hefty 11X8 was the best yielding soybean we had in 2019. It seemed to have decent IDC tolerance and really held off the white mold well.

Scott, Stearns County, Minnesota

Hefty Brand Seed has done well for me for years, especially the soybean seed.

Gerald, Eastern South Dakota

I have always had my soybeans treated with Hefty Complete. The benefits are easy to grasp and help me to push for higher yields every year!

Curt, Southern Minnesota

Hefty 11X8 had zero disease pressure and kept putting pods on until the weather determined otherwise. It’s a great yielding bean, especially against the 1.5-1.7 maturity groups.

K, Stearns County, Minnesota

Hefty Brand Soybeans have been our go-to beans for several years. The agronomic package has been excellent and our yields continue to go up.

Ken, North Dakota

Hefty 11X8 bushed out nicely and canopied the row quickly. The soybeans treated with Hefty Complete were much faster to emerge and look like a much healthier plant.

Rob, North Central South Dakota

Across the farm Hefty Brand Soybeans are the best investment we’ve made with good agronomics at the right price.

Warner, North Dakota


H11X8 Agronomic Chart

The higher the number, the better the performance or rating.

Hefty Soybean 11X8 Plot Results

YearBrandProductTraitRMMaturity GroupMoistureDry Bu/AcYield RankPlot NameStateCooperator
2018HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 112.8153.516Aberdeen Soybean Plot 1AberdeenSDYesAg PhD
2018HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 114.477.64Baltic Soybean Plot 1BalticSDYesAg PhD
2018HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 112.461.318Bath Soybean Plot 1BathSDYesF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2018HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 112.651.318Georgetown Soybean Plot 2GeorgetownMNYesF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2018HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 111.962.02Great Bend Soybean Plot 1Great BendNDYesF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2018HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 113.759.920Groton Soybean Plot 1GrotonSDYesF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2018HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 115.656.825Princeton Soybean Plot 1PrincetonILYesHefty Store
2018HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 114.751.326Watertown, SD Soybean Plot 1WatertownSDYesF.I.R.S.T. Plot
2017HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 112.7251.384Aberdeen Soybean Plot 1AberdeenSDYESHefty Store
2017HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 113.4763.894Aberdeen Soybean Plot 4AberdeenSDYESHefty Store
2017HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 112.3129.437Aberdeen Soybean Plot 5AberdeenSDYESHefty Store
2017HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 111.5757.271Breckenridge Soybean Plot 1BreckenridgeMNYESHefty Store
2017HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 110.5939.622Hancock Soybean Plot 2HancockMNYESHefty Store
2017HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 110.2942.964Olivia Soybean Plot 1OliviaMNYESHefty Store
2017HeftyH11X8R2X1.1Group 112.1364.823Watertown Soybean Plot 1WatertownSDYESHefty Store
2019HeftyH11X8E31.1Group 11359.982East Marshall, MN Soybean PlotLucanMNYesAg PhD
2019HeftyH11X8E31.1Group 115.158.11Breckenridge, MN Soybean PlotBreckenridgeMNYesAg PhD
2020HeftyH11X8R2X1.1111.852.953Watertown, SD Soybean Plot 2WatertownSDYESAg PhD
2020HeftyH11X8R2X1.119.741.258Mansfield, SD Soybean Plot 1MansfieldSDYESAg PhD