While some companies are making natural products complicated with multiple applications throughout the season, we’ve made it simple with Alpha Complete. With one application either in-furrow or early season foliar, you can get the extra boost your crop is looking for!

Built for a wide array of crops, Hefty Naturals products within Alpha Complete have delivered ROI across the country.  By combining their strengths into one 40-acre box, we’re simplifying the complexity of the naturals market.

These products deliver ROI for you, and that’s the most important reason we developed Hefty Naturals.


Water typically contains harmful additives and/or contaminants that damage the survivability of biological components and reduce the effectiveness of crop protection products. Water-Rite and Bio-Prep are included in every 40-acre pack. These water conditioning agents must be used to keep biology alive in applications.

When used in combination, these two products are the ideal solution for keeping beneficial biology safe in tank mixes while enabling them to better infiltrate crops.

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Water-Rite negates contaminants and neutralizes high pH, preventing the water in your applications from acting against products you apply, allowing them to perform as intended.

Water-Rite is a water treatment designed to reduce the negative effects calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper have on fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides. These contaminants alter water pH and tie-up products, preventing them from being effective.

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Bio-Prep nullifies the anti-biological chlorine found in water, keeping your natural products alive and working for you.

Bio-Prep is a water treatment that neutralizes chlorine, preventing it from negatively affecting biological products by transforming it into the safer chloride form, which is an essential plant nutrient.


Applied in-furrow or early post, the biological components of Alpha Complete rev up your crop’s ability to make yield all season long!

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Micro-Cycle unlocks the fertility potential of your soil by breaking down unavailable minerals in soil, converting them into a form your roots can take in.

Micro-Cycle is made up of six nutrient solubilizing agents for phosphorus, sulfur, manganese, silica, and potassium. Immediately after application, these solubilizers begin transforming existing soil fertility into a form your crop can use. As the season continues, the biological components of Micro-Cycle will reproduce within soils, providing these solubilizing benefits to your crop long after the initial application.

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Nutex EDA greatly enhances nutrient delivery, increasing the speed of vital nutrients as they move from the roots and into individual plant cells.

NuTex EDA is a proprietary technology that assists in nutrient transport within plants. Once roots take in available fertility, this chelated zinc product acts on the cellular level, allowing plants to more quickly and efficiently move nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and boron to where they are needed most. This is especially important during critical developmental stages when plants accelerate vegetative growth to reach reproductive maturity. NuTex EDA improves your yield potential season-long by increasing root proliferation and chlorophyll density.

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Boost 10 makes photosynthesis more efficient, allowing plants to create more vital carbohydrates and sugars with less sunlight energy.

Boost 10 is a combination of amino acids that ramps up the natural photosynthetic process of plants, allowing them to harness more energy from the sun. As a result, crops are able to produce more of the sugars and carbohydrates needed for growth. Availability of these nutrients is especially important during reproductive stages when yields are determined, as crops use a significant portion of their energy to fill seeds, pods, and other procreative structures.