A new class of organisms that build on the Nutri-Cycle platform.

Micro-Cycle is an in-furrow soil amendment designed to provide the best return in high pH soils. Specifically created to work in conjunction with Nutri-Cycle, the six unique components in Micro-Cycle are a multi-species blend of bacteria in the spore form. Micro-Cycle mineralizes nutrients in the soil and increases the plant availability of sulfur, phosphorus, and silicon.

The phosphorus solubilizers are specific to targeting high pH environments. Potassium, silicon, manganese, and iron solubilizers release large amounts of these elements that are being stored in the soil. And, the sulfur cycle microbial booster turns elemental sulfur into sulfate for plant absorption.

Benefits to using Micro-Cycle In-Furrow:

  • Compatable with all Hefty Naturals Products.
  • Targeted mineralization of secondary nutrients
    and micronutrients in the soil.
  • Easy mixing.
  • Ideal for difficult parts of the field.

Application Guidelines:

  • Use Water-Rite (8oz/100) and Bio-Prep (2oz/100)*
  • One 75 gram bag to 40 acres in-furrow.

*If using a water carrier to protect microbials in solution.